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  • WX3P inner memory problem Others

    please how do i fix the inner memory of my phone as it claims i have used over 7GB when i haven't used even half of it... i have also browsed through the phone and saw nothing occupying the memory... i use a Tecno WX3P

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    Dear Richardoba,<br />
    I hope you are aware there are pre-installed apps on your device and this apps too share phone storage. If you are not still satisfied, kindly restore factory settings and see the actual memory being taken up by pre-installed apps. <br />
    <br />
    Thanks for using Tecno Mobile
    Thanks for using Tecno Mobile


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      what is the memory space of your phone? some apps store data irrelevant ones most times


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        dear fam, the system itself do take some reasonable amount on your phone storage.
        ​So some space is used by the system


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