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  • Tecno Hios C8 part 2 Kenya


    This thread is for the part 02 review of the HIOS if you missed you can check part 01 here

    Gone are the days when phone manufacturers would bundle useless apps and bloatware and useless Demo gameloft games which you could play for 30 seconds, thanks to Tecno,s new Hios the software comes with utility apps which can improve the device performance and save battery too

    The features include:

    1. A mobile clean up this is very useful especially if you use online apps such as Telegram, Twitter,facebook,soundcloud and instagram which are notorious for caching a lot of data which you dont need , Trust me you dont need it
    this caching leaves your device running low on storage , with the Hi manager you can clear junk at the touch of a button and make your device run faster and save precious storage space to capture photos with the magnificient 13 Mp camera

    the mobile cleanup will save you the hassle of installing 3rd party apps such as cleaners which push a lot of Ads and consume your battey
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20160323-171843.png
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    2. There is also bandwith management which is very useful take this scenario you have recharged with 100 sh credit card you buy data worth 50 sh (say 50 mb ) and you are left with 50 sh airtime then you surf and surf and Alas ! you have 0.00 Mb and 0.00 sh
    Most internet service providers are very cunning they wont tell you when the Data plan has exhausted they will continue to consume the airtime
    you will be shocked when they have consumed the data and airtime
    this is where Bandwith management comes in handy you can set a quota or limit and when you reach the limit the cellular data will be automatically disconnec ted
    this is also very useful to post pay users you can regulate the data used and it can save you a lot of money
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20160323-171827.png
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    3.Harrasment block this section within HI manager which can help you block spammers and people who nag a lot ,before this feature you had to download 3rd party apps such as true caller
    Im sure girls will welcome this feature a lot for obvious reason.

    4. Auto start management this is another section which you can to choose which app can start at boot
    this reduces the boot time , some android phones can boot for a whole 5 minutes but with the auto start management it will reduce the boot time and make you have more time to enjoy your device
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20160323-171821.png
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    if you have a TECNO C8 you can enjoy this feature too although its still BETA its worth it ...


    Check part 3 here

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    more cool features on part 3 stay tuned


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