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  • Don't trust..on Tecno,updates is here!! All

    I am a customer or u can say a consumer which we all are of tecno a company which launches a smartphone in cheap rate not cheapest and the consumer are attracted towards it and buys a phone but after a bit while the just found some major issues on the devices like quad core processor in 2019 and no regular updates and a worthy display like as a featured device. until and unless they are not stopped here they made a spot for their this shit tecno device user to give their reviews for their misbehaving tecno officials. They don't stop there if someone asks for update and tries to tell truth they ban their account. Do u think that this things are making them above other providers???fool shit. there are so many brands in the market and very good devices available so why to choose this tecno as a shit instead we take a budget device which at least have regular software updates.... I know u all are having such similar feeling but that is we are under one blog anf i know after seeing this article may be they can baan me and if they did i will crush my device and my friends tecno device too because they all are too irritated........ bye all of u leaving a last hope to the readers of my blog..
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