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  • Battery Saving techniques Ghana

    A healthy battery makes using a device fun. And a healthy battery doesn’t come out of nowhere. Just like how you need to keep exercising and eating healthy to keep fit, you need to feed your battery well and exercise it to keep it healthy. Below are a few hints to make your battery healthy for a long time.

    1. Charge with clean power – Charging with any kind of power is really not a good habit but we still do it out of ignorance, necessity or we are unaware. Charging your phones battery with power from a generator set, or power bank is known to be one of the leading causes of many batteries dying before their time. Unclean, unfiltered power from Gen-sets and power banks tend to force the cells to accumulate charge, hence wearing them before their time.
    2. Charge when needed – It would be very necessary to only charge when your battery is low or when you’re preparing to go out for a while and you wont be getting close to a power source. This will reduce the rate at which the batteries wear out.
    3. Drain battery occasionally, not frequently – Once a while, it would be a good thing to totally use all the juice in the phones battery. Charging fully after this helps keep cells fresh and strong.
    4. Drain battery on Long term storage – During a time when you wont be using your phone for quite a long while, it would be a good thing to drain all power out of your device before storage. It keeps the batteries strong during the time it is idle.
    5. Charge to 80% - Research shows that charging batteries to 80% increases battery life span by 200%. This is true for all electronic devices. So it would be a good habit to always charge your battery to 80% if you know you’ll be using your device for a very long time range (2 years)
    6. Don’t use while charging – It would also be good to leave your phone to charge every time. Using the phone while charging increases risks of burns and also doesn’t endure efficient charge. You can turn off your data connection and Wi-Fi while charging. You could even turn the phone off in times you know theres not going to be any incoming calls and emergencies

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