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  • Camon cx battery issue Nigeria

    my camon cx is having battery issue 'I'm charging it but it's very slow , i plugged it for about 7mins and the percentage didn't increase by 1% and I'm using the right charger that came with the device , and the charger is charging other devices well ....can someone explain what's wrong to ne

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    try replacing the battery with a new one.... I think the cells are dead


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      Try to use its 2A Charger<br />
      Not other chargers<br />
      <br />
      Because if you use like a 0.8A charger it can take more than 6 hrs to get it full<br />
      <br />
      It's 2A charger charges it with in 100 minutes


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        hi vintagewilliams
        So sorry about the issue you are having
        Try using the charger that came with the device with another USB cable.
        If the problem persists visit the Carlcare Service Centre closest to you for repairs.
        You will find our contact numbers and addresses in your Carlcare App or
        let us know your current location, so we can forward a specific address to you.


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