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  • Camon X Pro users Come in here Nigeria

    last year I had two foo view on my phone, the factory one and the one i downloaded on play store.
    i wanted to uninstall the one i downloaded from playstore so i can use factory own, then i mistakingly deleted that of factory.
    please who can help me back his or her own up so i can install it and see if it returns back to my phone settings
    i have tried factory reset and it didnt work. so all you need to do for me is just back up urs, then help me send it through mail or whatsapp or mediafire download or any convenient means.
    Note: I dont like the playstore own cos theres lot of difference and I prefer the factory own.
    thanks in anticipation

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    If I may ask please. What iz foo view and what does it do?


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      wow so u dont know foo view...foo view is like t point and like assistive touch on iphone


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        I don't know foo where will i get it Xpro please


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