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    Originally posted by iamvjdamilola
    Pixel 3 launcher?
    Originally posted by christxx
    Originally posted by Denns
    Originally posted by Denns
    sorry to burst your bubble Camon X Pro is already 8 months + and still durable... I'm a currency trader professionally, and my phone is always active as i mobile trader more often...

    Its not just about whats on paper, I only talk facts owk as i happen to actually own the phone in question.


    That's good bro, that's great for you. You reach the bar of 8 months and it's still good, you're lucky. Hope it will stay like that for the next couple of months, truly hope for you.

    You know I might not owned your phone (and I'm not intend to own it ever...I'm fulfilled with my Huawei P20 already) but I did own (or do? Cause I still use it occasionally to connect here mainly) a TECNO : as you may see, a Camon CX. So I think that like you, I don't talk in the air but from experience. I may not be a super duper deep tech guy but I know stuff and owned different brands phones before trying for the first time, a TECNO phone. And unfortunately that first appeared to be the last cause this brand deceived me at soo many levels.

    Not only the support here is trash, but they're soo slow to deliver updates (and I'm not even talking about Android ones). On top of that, their phones are bad in terms of durability, that's a fact...either you want it or not. Maybe, and "maybe", starting with those Camon 11 and Camon X they're trying NOW to make things better and switched from "scam trash" to "not so trash actually". "if" it's actually the case, I applause them that's a good move.

    But I bought a Camon CX and was soo happy with that at first. Came here everytime to praise it and encourage people to buy it. The phone was fast, pleasing to use and the first game I installed in it was Into The dead 2. The game runed smooth...well I had to decrease a bit the graphics settings but not too much tho.

    The point is, after several months, barely a year, I couldn't play it or other big games the same way I was playing (occasionally) them in the beginning. The phone started to hang, crash, "system not responding"...background apps kept crashing...the phone was soo slow. The fingerprints sensor was trashy : you have to do some workout with your fingers multiple times to be able to unlock. And soo many other problems and I'm not the only one, either this phone or other phones. I came here multiple times in the past to ask for help support, no admins cared...but if it's to promote a new phone, you' see their marks everywhere...

    As I said before, maybe NOW they're trying to make things better, "listen" to customers. But for someone HAVING once those horrible experiences, It's common sense to be reluctant to trust this brand again. They deceived me and I'm not coming back to their phones any sooner.

    For you, I really and truly hope your experience will end well cause if it doesn't, you'll probably launch a missile on their headquarters or literally hang yourself lol. Good day friend.

    Mr. Denis..... I'm not here to argue with u....all you've said is just your own opinion owk... My phone works


    good and fine for me...I know a lot of people here will believe me when I say that what your phone turns out to become in the long run to a great extent majorly depends on how you use it.. just saying....Cheers!!

    Nope! I use
    Click image for larger version

Name:	TSIMG_20190315_084055.jpg
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    Microsoft Launcher


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      that's a lie my pes 2019 is not working


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      My back camera is not workig


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        I'm able to play Modern Combat 5 clearly


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          [QUOTE=ChrisDee;301509]your fingernails are dirty and ugly[/QUOT???????E]


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            Originally posted by martinsprolific
            I played dream soccer on my camon x even pes 2019 no hanging at all, but camon 11 pro can't play dream soccer that's pathetic
            <br />
            it can i played it and it worked fine


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              Originally posted by martinsprolific
              My camon x plays all this game you mentioned nothing special in camon 11 pro
              yep camon x is way better than canon 11 pro when it comes to gaming,because canon x comes with a mediatek helio p23 and camon 11 pro comes with mediatek helio p22....gaming is not by your ram it by your GPU processor....I highly recommend camon x for gaming


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                my phone is a year old naw and nothing bad has happened to it functions and speed or whateva u say... ca7


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                  soo cool


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                    who can play pesmobile 2019 on camon 11 pro?


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                      will be hope for the best in the nest system you Tecno.
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	TSIMG_20190712_195451.jpg
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                        can you get this in Tanzania


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                          those gaming pads look amaizing


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                            Now you can play the heaviest online games like PUBG, Mobile Legends, ... Congratulations.


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                              Originally posted by ChrisDee
                              your fingernails are dirty and ugly
                              Why the insult bro?


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