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  • Problems with images upload on the forum All

    I am currently facing a strange attitude on the forum and I would like to know if it's only me or others too facing this problem, and what is the solution if anyone who discovered it before me has found a solution.

    While uploading an image to the forum the page reloads and the result comes with no image or even moves me out the topic am currently writing.

    While trying to change my profile averta the pages loads with the result "failed due to low memory" I guess you think I am trying to upload unsupported image size or format, I have looked all over these aspects before posting this prob, the image for profile should be at least or exactly 100x100 rite? That's it and it's not working.

    Share with me the solution for this problem on the comments section

    Thank you.
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    Did you upload it via mobile forum webpage ?


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    Originally posted by Yusef View Post
    Did you upload it via mobile forum webpage ?


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      Yes I also had similar problem but gave up


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