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  • How to schedule message on your camon c8, boom j8 and other tecno phones All

    Certain steps are required for scheduling messages, these steps are quite very easy to follow. if you wound want to schedule a message on your android device just follow these simple steps.

    Step 1:
    Go to messages on your android device.

    Step 2:
    And go to the message thread of the person you want to send the scheduled message or create a new message and then add a recipient (Enter the contact or contacts you want to send a scheduled message) Then tap on the utility button.

    Step 3:
    If you have tapped on the utility button will see a list of things like picture, contact etc.swipe left and locate scheduled message.

    Step 3:
    An interface will then pop up, all you have to do is select the date and time you want the message to be sent. The time must be more than 6 minutes before current time. after that tap on the done button at the top most right.

    Step 4:
    Now you can compose the message and send, you'll notice that there is a clock close to the send message button which simply indicates that your written message is scheduled to be sent in the future.

    Credits www.techytab.com

    You can click the link to see full article with Descriptive images
    Easy steps on how to schedule a text message, sms on android. Using this new scheduled text message feature, you no longer have to rely on memos for remembering to send messages and you can be sure that your scheduled message will reach your contacts at the right time.
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      Nice info
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        Why in my tecno c8 message apps is not working just as after i upgraded my phone to android 6


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          Backup all your files(images, songs, videos, etc) on a computer or on a cloud (Dropbox) then do a hard reset on your camon c8....that will surely solve your problem

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        Simple something


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          good one, thank you very much


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