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  • Tecno's Way of Killing the Truth Nigeria

    Goodafternoon everyone. Recently, tecno posted a contest on Tspot using its official HIOS handle to announce a competition tagged the "HIOS Creative Kid Contest" open to all tecno users. Where we were expected to post photos of any kid relative of ours interfacing/engaged in the use of its mobile device. Attached to this in making a valid entry into the contest was also the need to go online (facebook), tag 10 friends and family members asking them to like, share, comment and support the brand via facebook which you will find on their official facebook handle with the page name of HIOS and the post dated september 9 at about 7:11pm. Thesame post was placed here on Tspot through their official handle carrying the HIOS name. After seeing this post, i made a comment of which i told tecno that organizing shitty contest won't prompt us to give them support when they have failed to do the needful despite several complains of its mobile users. When they do the needful, we will give them support both offline and online without them even asking. To my supprise this comment of mine soaked in a 100% truthfulness was too much for tecno to swallow and this prompted tecno to pull down the post on Tspot leaving information of the contest now available only on their facebook handle. After that incident, I made a post on the forum with the subject "3 Reasons Why Tecno May Not Be The Right Brand For You" which you will also find on the phone section of science/technology forum on nairaland carrying thesame subject and username, same as my Tspot handle addressing critical issues on customer satisfactory, relationship and retention aspects where tecno has failed. This post of mine was too much for tecno who claimed to be Africa's leading brand to handle and they pulled it down again. There are people on this platform who will bear witness to the existence of the post before it was pulled down, some of who even took the time to comment but go through all post on the forum section dated september 10 and you would not find it there anymore because tecno can't deal with the truth. As of this morning, from 8am-1pm, I couldn't log into my Tspot account because it keeps giving me an error message of "INVALID USER I.D" not until moments ago. I have taking this bold step to let you all know about this because my Tspot account is now under threat by thesame mobile brand I payed to enrich of their deceit. I don't know how long my account will remain active as there is no doubt the brand is taking a step to silence anyone that decides to speak of its deceit. Everyday Tspot is visited by thousands of tecno mobile users, most of which just navigate through the whole site without adding value to its fellow users. Despite the complains, some people just come online, scroll through without addressing any issue of their fellow tecno mobile users. Even if you don't have the solution to their problem at least join them in speaking up but some of us are too self centered and care less because we fill it is not happening to us, so it is not our problem. I swear to God if everyone of tecno users should take this upon themselves in letting the world know, be it offline or online of the scam that tecno is then this problem would have been solved a long time ago. We cannot be doing it here because they own and run the site, go on twitter,facebook, instagram anything you can do in your own small way to let people know that this brand is a scam, that is when they will begin to see you as a concern because for now tecno has played us all to assume god and remains god in the Nigerian mobile market and our silence is to blame for it. I know you will say you didn't know before buying their product but now that you do what have you done to change the situation? Am asking you that is reading, answer na. See eh, people suffer in the hands of the bad ones because the good ones chose not to speak up. The Dakolo's case got even international attention because people spoke up, this is a matter that some of you don't even have proof of yet you spoke up why can't you do thesame in this case that concerns you and you know of and have proof of? This may be my last post on Tspot because i know tecno will act by either deleting this post or my account entirely but me i will continue to talk both offline and online till tecno begins to do the needful. Am taking this to twitter, facebook and all media outlets very soon to call on all necessary bodies which involves consumer protection council because it's high time tecno begins to do the needful or give space for other brands. Who ever reads this should please keep record and repost on all media platforms until it gets to the necessary authorities and even if they don't act because i know how Nigeria can be, still speak up and let people know so as not to fall victims of tecno's deceit like you and I. Support the movement, say no to cheap services that leaves you in detriment.

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    good point


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      Tecno and its team have really lost the confidence of their faithfuls. However, we're still giving them the opportunity to do the needful. This may be their last life line. Their smartness in churning out mass produced half-baked and cheap devices will not save them from collapse, except they thread the path of sincerity in dealing with their customers.


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