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  • My Camon C8, Applications doesn't connect to internet with my data Subscription All

    Hi, everyone
    ​Please, I just recently discovered that my applications like facebook, mobile banking apps, Goal app, Instagram etc. doesn't connect to the internet with my mtn mobile data subscription, in fact even some browser like firefox, Chrome doesn't get connected, though other browser like uc and another browser connects. But when I use wifi everything works perfectly, I can only access my facebook, goal, emails and other apps through my browser when at home(when using my data plan). What can I do to fix this, Please I need help

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    Thanks people, thanks. I was able to solve the probleb.
    I went to hi manager and deed a mobile clean up and then went to Data traffic management, unknowing to me data limit was active, I simply deactivated it and now my phone is OK.


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