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  • How Does Cell Phone Radiation Affect Your Body? Nigeria

    Hi T-Fans,
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    The increase in the use of mobile phones over the past few years as raised the concern over cell phone radiation. The effect of the electromagnetic field that the cell phone creates around itself has always been a subject of interest for many scientists.
    All the cell phones give out signals with the help of radio waves which have the frequency of 450-2100 MHz. This is known as the Radio-Frequency energy or RF. It is important to know the effects of cell phone radiation so that you can take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from it.
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    Electromagnetic radiation generation

    When you talk on the mobile phone, a transmitter encodes the sound of your voice on a sine wave. Many such waves radiate through the antenna of the phone and get distributed in the surroundings.

    These radio waves are made up of electromagnetic radiation. When the antenna sends out these signals into space, there is a receiver in the cell phone tower which receives them. This is the process by which your voice reaches the other person through your cell phone.
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    Potential hazards of this radiation

    The Radio Frequency waves that are a part of cell phone radiation are harmful to the body when it is exposed to them for a long time. Many studies have shown these waves to cause the following health issues:

    – It leads to tissue heating in the brain when the cell phone is held near the head for a long time. This can cause brain damage in the form of head tumors and memory impairment. It can also trigger neurological disorders like Alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease and Autism.
    – It can cause frequent headaches and chronic fatigue in the person using the cell phone.
    – The radiation can increase anxiety and stress levels by causing a rise in the blood pressure when a person talks on the phone.
    – Continuous exposure to electromagnetic radiation can affect the sleep pattern and lead to insomnia.
    – Radiation is known to cause testicular cancer and leukemia by affecting the DNA of the cells.

    Precautions to be taken

    Other than keeping the phone away from your body and reducing the amount of time spent on the phone, you can make use of anti-radiation cell phone stickers or case which protects you from three harmful radiations- thermal, RF and ELF. These phone stickers and cases are specially designed to minimize the harmful effects of radiation on your body so that you can continue using your device safely.

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    Anti-radiation Stickers:
    Since cell phones are here to stay, one possible solution in hand is to opt for an anti-radiation sticker that would intercept the radioactive waves emitted from these handsets. But how does it work?
    • When fixed on to a mobile phone it changes the nature of the harmful radiations, making them non-bio-effective.
    • The best part of the anti radiation Sticker is that it does not affect the signal strength of the mobiles.
    • The stickers have also been found to reduce stress levels by 5%.
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      how can you know an anti radiation casing?
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