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  • Get Full Manual Controls on Android with the Brand New 'Moment Pro Camera' App Others

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ID:	16887 Smartphone cameras have become a lot better over the past couple of years. But, when it comes to camera software, even modern smartphones lack some advanced features. And, that's exactly what the 'Moment Pro camera' is here to help you with. The Moment Pro camera app offers almost everything a professional photographer would want from his/ her smartphone camera. It lets you dabble with things like exposure, shutter speed, focus, ISO, white balance, image format, and a whole lot more. Moment Pro Camera is one of the very few camera applications that lets you toggle between RAW or JPEG file types, detailed EXIF data, and even a live histogram. Moment is a hardware company that sells lenses for your smartphones. Hence, the app includes a section in the app where you can select which lens you have attached to the phone & offer relevant features. Moment Pro Camera is available as a paid app on Android and it costs ₹140. If you don't mind spending that much, then Moment Pro Camera is a no-brainer, as it lets you deep dive into mobile photography and video creation. Download Moment Pro Camera from the Play Store (₹140)
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