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  • How To Prevent Adverts On Your Phone All

    Adverts popping up during phone usage or when the phone is on idle mode can be a bit annoying. Not to talk of the amount of data it uses to load all those adverts.

    Talking from experience, this is really frustrating as I have to keep closing ads upon ads and this has increased my mobile data usage.

    There are ways of getting rid of these pop-up ads which could include downloading 3rd party apps. But in this article, I would be taking you through how to solve this problem without having to download another 3rd party apps.

    STEP 1: Go back to Settings and click on Apps

    STEP 2: Select each app one after the other and disable their background data usage (by clicking on the app, selecting Data Usage and clicking on Background data)

    STEP 3: Return to the home screen. Problem solved!!!

    For other methods on how to disable this ads pop-up, follow this link

    You are good to go!!!
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    Nice information


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      Although I don't have unnecessary ads popping on my phone.. But thanks for the info


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        All those ads popping up can be so annoying. Thanks for the info.


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