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  • Is system update is necessary for android phones? All

    System updates are necessary and very useful. Of course system updates has more pros than cons. Note that each system update will bring you more and better features than the previous one. Nowadays each brand new Android smartphones comes with a System update.
    System updates bring a newer look to your phone, fixes bugs, solves most heating problems (which mostly depends upon your phone's processor) and gives you a faster and improved performance.
    But some updates can cause some bugs on some apps but it is mostly uncommon.
    So I suggest you to keep your smartphone up to date and also check for updates for each app on Google play store.
    Most Android smartphones (except Nexus and Pixel phones) receive one update. So why waste it?? Go on…
    Keep in mind you have enough internal storage (minimum 1 GB left) and enough battery charge left.
    Using WiFi for system updates is recommended, even though you can update using cellular data if you have got almost 2GB high speed data.
    Hope this helps.
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