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      hello my name is OMOLOYE OLUWASEGUN I POSTED my video on Instagram @holluphictor_official , am hoping tecno will #lightupmydream #lightupyourdream3


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        One million naira is owk for me to do all kind of bussiness


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          i really want to join


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            one million nair will help me to achieved a lot of things in my life,I finished my OND there is no money to return back to the school again,my only hope that sponsors me in school is no more , believed with this money my feature we be successful and greatness again ............, I love my phone which is Tecno spark,
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                I am a growing developer.
                Web designing is my crush ❤️
                I need money to achieve my dreams...
                I really need the money to grow my efforts.
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                  I'm morenikeji
                  I love business that why I chose selling male and female Wears, bags and shoes
                  with one million naira i will be able to achieve my goals, dreams and take care of my family
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                      Originally posted by TECNO SPOT NG
                      Be among the 7 people who will win One Million Naira Each in the TECNO SPARK 3 #LightUpYourDream3 to participate, Follow this simple steps:

                      1. Submit a video or image with text telling us about your dream.
                      [ATTACH=CONFIG]n314512[/ATTACH]if I got this 1 million naira I will just go and but the techno phone with it all,so that I can increase the number of techno phone in my area.

                      My comments here is that I will like to appreciate the techno phone company on the new updated phone that they produced to us, thank u.

                      2. Describe how 1MILLION will help you achieve it.

                      3. Post your entry as a comment under this thread.

                      To increase your chances of winning follow us and get your friends to comment.


                      Click here for terms and conditions.
                      Thanks you all.
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                        My Name is Jackie
                        I am a teens and children worker. My vision is every Christian mission is to advance the kingdom of God and be equipped to do it the way Jesus modeled it. What I mean is that I have the desire to make missionaries that are going to make missionaries among the young children and teenagers.

                        My cry goes out to the children and teenagers who live in the slam areas. Have lived their and have experienced the hardship in those areas like mathare, Kayole and kibra. Young people engage themselves in crime, early pregnancy, drugs and etc This always breaks my heart and that's why have always purposed to work in schools and in the community. Every week day when I go to the school's, I always teach character lesson, mentor students and help them to become responsible citizen

                        If I win the one million, I will be able to recruit others and station them in the slam area to work their daily, buy resources for training, use the money for the accommodation and food for the missionaries, buy stationeries for the students. I hope to be used by God to save more lives in Kenya slams. Hope yo win. God bless you Techno
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                          I always had the dream to positively impact the world through computer programming. I believe that through technology we can make people's lives better. Since I was a kid I always wanted to be a "computer expert" I mean a professional computer programmer. I started with web design, which I was able to complete successfully. Later I moved on JavaScript, but due to come challenges, like not having a computer of my own, the progress I was making slowed down. It was really stressful majorly because I don't have a laptop ? ?? I have to borrow a computer before I can practice and write my codes. This almost got me discouraged about my dream.
                          I am very positive that with one million Naira I can develop on my skills as I aspire to be the next Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

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                            It's my dream to become one of the biggest players in the African Solar Market. My dream is borne out of the incessant blackouts experienced in many parts of the country where people go on for days, weeks, and years without electricity.

                            I want to change that perspective by making sure that every household has access to constant and affordable solar electricity and as well, create more jobs for aspiring entrepreneurs.

                            On a continent that enjoys over 300 days of sunlight in many parts, it's hard to beat the value proposition of a product that bypasses the central power grid and meets your energy needs by tapping directly from the sun; a free energy source.

                            If I win this money, I'll be able to set up my own Renewable Energy Organisation that will key into Solar/Wind Energy Installations, products distribution, economic and social empowerment programmes.
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                              My name is bukky, I'm so glad for the
                              #LightUpYourDream3 1million naira competition...if i eventually emerge as the winner, i will be investing into garri production and marketing!.
                              Garri production is a very productive and lucrative business, as we all know "FOOD" is essential to the body, Garri is easy for consumption, garri is a staple food in Nigeria, just like RICE is to Thailand, I learnt this from my mother, she is a widow with 3kids, and ever since the death of my father, this is what we use as the source of our income, My mum sells to those who stays at Lagos and she always make a lot of profit from it, as a student who knows the wrong from the right, I decided to package my own in a nice way, but I don't have the capacity due to lack of funds and capital for sophisticated instrument and supply of man power, I see this as a opportunity already.... After packaging I will be able to sell at school, distribute to nearest supermarket or local stores, and I believe someday I will be among the top seller of garri in the international market......... And with prayer and hardworking, and #TecnoMobile #spark3 #lightUpYourDream3 1million I believe I will be one of the biggest supplier of garri both home and abroad
                              Thank You in Anticipation TECNO


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                                Nice one ...i hope you win here

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                              As a photographer and cinematographer I can buy gadget with 1million to enhance the quality of video production and entertainment needs good and quality product, I'd really be grateful if I could be empowered so that I can expand my career and can even work for you in adverts and other aspect. Thank you.
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