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  • Camon x pro screen Warranty Nigeria

    Please guys my screen backlight is having problem. It switch off anytime it likes. Please will calcare repair it for free? I bought the phone last December 15th

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    they will charge u 15 and above


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      only camon phone that's has screen warranty is camon cx, in a month I bought my xpro the phone fall down and the touch pad now has line over it, I want to calcare in enugu there told what I just tell you now, there said that it will cost me 13,200 that was last year November. but I didn't give them my phone I want home in sad face after paying 73,500 there are telling me that nonsense, so I make up my mind to use the phone like that and I have been using it like that till now and the phone has been hitting the ground almost every month but is still like that


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