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  • Top 5 Things To Do When You Buy Tecno Phone All

    Set Up Remote Lock or Wipe with Android Device Manager

    Your Tecno smartphone will almost immediately begin storing a big chunk of your private life, as soon as you set up an email account on it, sync your contacts with it, send some text messages and take a few family photos. Should the phone become lost or stolen, you’ll want the ability to*remotely*lockup your device– reset it to factory settings.

    You need to set up Android Device Manager ahead of time to be prepared in case something happens to your phone. As an added bonus, Android Device Manager also lets you
    ring your phone in case you simply misplace it somewhere in the building.

    Set Up Automatic Cloud Back up of Your Photos and Videos

    Using*cloud backup *such as Dropbox and Google Drive has definitely changed my life. A large part of their appeal is the automatic backup of photos on your smartphone. If you take a lot of photos and/or videos with your phone, you certainly don’t want to lose everything if your phone becomes lost, stolen or damaged. It’s also cumbersome to get photos off your phone without a cloud service. How many times have you tried to email photos or videos to yourself, only to have them rejected due to their large size, or find them stuck in a spam filter on the other end? Dropbox*offers at least 2 GB of free cloud storage, while Google Drive provides 15 GB. Not only do Amazon Cloud Drive,Dropbox and Google Drive offer easy access to your files from other Internet-connected devices, but they also allow you to back up your smartphone or tablet’s videos and photos. This means you can delete them from the device to save space if you need to, once you verify that you can see the files on your computer in whichever cloud service you’ve chosen.

    Install Evernote

    I could go on and on about how much I love Evernote, an application that has truly been a life changer for me. I keep all sorts of notes in it, including records of when and how I did certain things around the house and how I resolved various problems at work. I also write and edit my blog posts in Evernote and keep photos of my artwork there so I don’t feel like I have to save every last masterpiece they bring home.

    Buy a MicroSD Card

    Adding a SD Card will give you additional storage, particularly for photos, videos and Kindle books. Most Tecno phones accept at least a 32 GB micro SD card.

    Register with Tecno Spot

    Immediately you buy any of the Tecno mobile smartphone, go straight and register with Tecno spot. This is a place where you get the help of any type. Try it today
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    Thanks for this. Nice tutorial


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      Helped a lot

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    Tecno makes life easy


    • datyorubaboy commented
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      Yes o.

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      Tecno definitely makes life easy

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    Seriously every Tecno user should be on Tspot.
    There's a whole lot to learn about ones phone here.


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      This is trues. Many tecno users are not utilizing their phones to the fullest.

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      I learnt a lot about tecno when I joined tspot

    • sairusdevirus commented
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      Likewise me, still learning

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    Thanks bro


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      Thanks for the post OP.


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        Nice Post OP


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          This is actually helpful. Thanks for the Info


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            techno is my number one


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              I beg to differ on sd card
              Click image for larger version

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                You need to buy an SD card for your phone

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              I don't get your statement, but in the pix there is no SD card in the phone.
              Originally posted by lomosa
              I beg to differ on sd card<br />
              <br />


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                Evernote though....i will try it


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                  One of the best things I did last year was download the evernote app on my w3. It helped me so much with organizing and tracking all my appointments

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                    9c tips Op


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