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    There are concerns from some Tecno fans and users about the companies decision to go with a an octa Core Helio P25 SoC which they believe is a step down over deca Core Helio X20 used on Phantom 6+. There is no need to worry fans, I will be sharing with you 5 reasons Helio P25 is better than Helio X20.

    1.16nm FinFET Manufacturing process:
    Previous Helio X20 used a 20nm HPM manufacturing process while Helio P25 used a 16nm FINFET, we could have a long lecture on both technologies but in a nutshell Helio P25 is a much smaller CPU at 16nm with a much improved FinFET technology which allows Helio P25 consume roughly 90% less power than Helio x20

    2.Faster and more energy efficient RAM
    Helio X20 has a max RAM size support of 4GB and it used a LPDDR3 RAM type which clocked at 800 MHz while Helio P25 has a max RAM size support of 6GB and it uses a LPDDR4X RAM clocked at 1600 Mhz. apart from the higher RAM size of LPDDR4X RAM, it will consume 50% less power than its lower generation LPDDR3 at 150% more bandwidth. Also, having a higher clock speed means the CPU will access files from the RAM faster than LPDDR3.

    3.Improved IMAGIQ ISP with dual camera support.
    ISP (image signal processor) is a special processor which handles anything related to Camera for pictures and video capture e.g Autofocus, exposure, HDR, white balance etc. are all handled by the ISP. Helio P25 has much improved IMAGIQ ISP which adds support for Dual camera, crisp optical Zoom up to 10x, Real time dept of field and more. The ISP allows tecno to add features like Super Zoom and Auto Refocus to the Phantom 8.

    4.Faster GPU (Graphical processing Unit)
    Both Helio P25 and X20 use the same ARM Mali T880 GPU but Helio P25’s GPU clocks higher at 1 Ghz against 780 Mhz of Helio X20.

    5.Core Pilot 4.0
    Both SoC’s use mediatek’s Core pilot scheduler to determine workload and select which cores to use and which cores to turn off. But Helio P25 which is a later SoC supports Core Pilot 4.0 which doesn’t just determine workloads across cores, it also measures the thermal consumption of the CPU and uses that data to balance workloads. This means Phantom 8 and Helio P25 will run cooler that its predecessor.

    There we have it; Helio X20 is designed to have a more powerful CPU, a jack of one trade. But Helio P25 is designed to be a more dynamic SoC, she’s powerful enough to handle any task, she is great at multitasking thanks to its more improved RAM, She’s more battery efficient that why Phantom 8 don’t need 4000mah battery to last as long as Phantom 6+, she will handle games better and she will also stay cool headed most of the time.

    What do you think about Phantom 8’s Soc? PEACE!

    IG/TW @dc7official

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    This should definitely clear things up for some users here.


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      Can you show us benchmark rating of Helio X20 and Helio P25? Helio X20 was rated far above Helio P25 so how can you tell us the P25 should be better? Tecno should have opted for Helio X30.. Phantom 8 Plus is all we want.. Phantom 6 Plus Remains The Beast..


      • dc8official commented
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        The point you should get is a chipset, is not just about CPU alone, there are many more components embedded, thats why its called system on a chip (sOC). you benchmark softwares will only test the CPU most times, Antutu, will try testing GPU and RAM controllers, but its total result is majorly 80 CPU score.

        Secondly Benchmarks softwares simulate unrealistic CPU workloads which you will neva get in real world use, the aim should be how the phone handles real world tasks.

        your beloved X20 obviously has a more powerful CPU but the new chipset is better at every other thing including battery life and heating.

        I just wonder how you will say that chipset is better just because of the CPU only

      • Emerie Uduchukwu commented
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        Bros, AnTuTu that you mentioned don't just test CPU but graphics, Ram, and other activities of a device. If Phantom 6 Plus was rated higher after been tested with a heavy workload that can't be "used by any body", then why didn't Tecno adopt a chipset that is better than the Phantom 6 Plus Helio X20 like Helio X30? Why did the mobile phone company opted for a cheap chipset meant for midrange smartphones for its flagship?

      • dc8official commented
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        Its obvious you don't read what was written b4 saying yours. Didnt you see where i said "Antutu will try testing GPU and RAM" ? did you read the statement after that comment? you obviously blinded by your false belief and don't want to learn anything new.,

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      The latest soc which is the helio X30 should have been the best for a flagship like the phantom 8, even though it's GPU is a bit weaker as compared to that of snapdragon 835 the Adreno 540, the performance would match nd compete with it coz the only place that the snapdragon 835 beat the helio X30 is the GPU


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        If you are introducing a flagship device, the chipset is the first thing people check and we are no more in the stone age where we don't care about Soc before buying phones,. I don't know why Tecno always do this kind of things while knowing very well there would not be a plus version, we want something that can go head to head with the giants in the market so that we the fans can boast of. My main problem is the chipset and the bezels at the top and bottom ,this is 2017 and every OEM is going almost bezeless, at they should reduce the bezels. Aside that am ok with every other thing, they should better bring a plus version. The design and every other thing is dope, kudos to the #Tecnoteam#


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          Waiting for techno phantom 8 plus


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            No IP68, no wireless charger, no QHD, no 10nm....


            • dc8official commented
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              Really are you willing to pay $800 for such a phone? is there any cheap phone with all this features? have you taught about the market this phone is made for?

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            The helio X30 is built on 10nm
            Originally posted by kwigaga
            No IP68, no wireless charger, no QHD, no 10nm....


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              Na so. Tecno kip it up


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                  Not bad. could be better.


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                    we are waiting for you (TECNO) to release the real beast


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                      we are also waiting for the plus


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                        very detailed info. Nice


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                          interesting and amazing


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