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    phantom 8 is a very good phone


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      Originally posted by maichibi017
      pls my tekno k9 camere is bad how do I get new one pls
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      sorry about that sir, kindly visit the nearest carl care centre

      IG/TW @dc7official


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        incredible phone! love the camera quality


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          Originally posted by dc7official View Post
          The multitasking ability of this phone was not a surprise to me since it came with 6GB RAM, this phone has the ability to keep most of my 70+ application and games in memory even up to two days without refreshing.
          My biggest surprise started the day I downloaded NFS and FIFA alongside all my previous apps, of course these two games requires internet connection. So I disconnected my phone from from the WiFi i used in downloading the games and decided u use 4G to see what battery life feels like playing these online games.

          Started with FIFA, I was winning at first and I was engrossed in the game that I even forgot I had other engagements. I kept playing until I got to this level where these guys online started beating me back to back, I soon got tired of the constant loss so I minimized the game and opened NFS.

          Need For speed was very nice, the graphics and storyline was a joy, I was showing off I was a good driver as I continued to win my race. The game was fun until some people started sending message which I was managing to reply via the drop down notifications, these messages just kept coming so I decided to leave the game and reply the notifications.
          The chat lead me into other applications and I soon forget my game. By the time I remembered my game and went back it, low and behold the game was just where I left it no refresh. I was stunned and decided to check FIFA and that one was right there where I was getting my ass whopped.

          The best part of this was I started the game download with 100% battery life around 8am in the morning, by the time I realized my FIFA was still open the time was 11:13am and my battery life was amazingly at 63% after 4 hours or heavy use with 4G network and online gaming.
          There are not many phones with RAM management being that good, thanks to it having more than enough memory to hold lots apps in memory. I will explain in details how Phantom 8 is capable of doing this successfully in my next post.
          Just reading this and I must day that I'm stunned as well


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