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  • ​OSRS Waterfall Dungeon Guide: How to Access & Train in Safespot? Others

    OSRS Waterfall Dungeon is a set of caverns underneath the Baxtorian Falls. Here is a guide to help you learn how to reach the Waterfall Dungeon fast and train there.

    How to access OSRS Waterfall Dungeon?
    The Waterfall Dungeon can be accessed during and after the completion of OSRS Waterfall Quest. A rope is necessary to reach the dungeon’s entrance. If you have not completed the Waterfall Quest, you must also have the Glarial’s amulet to gain entry to the dungeon. Here is how you can reach the dungeon:
    1. Head to the house above the Baxtorian Falls.
    2. There is a raft west of the house. Ride the raft.
    3. When crashing into a little island, use your rope on the rock and reach there. Then use your rope on the tree to climb down.
    4. Reach the small ledge with a barrel and an entrance. Safely enter the dungeon if you have completed the quest or have the Glarial’s amulet.

    Monsters in the Waterfall Dungeon OSRS
    There are 4 different monsters in the Waterfall Dungeon:
    Shadow spiders (combat level 52)
    Skeletons (combat level 45)
    Skeleton Mages (combat level 16)
    Fire giants (combat level 86)
    The Waterfall Dungeon is often used to kill fire giants OSRS. There is a safespot on the northern side of the fire giant room, which makes it popular for low-mid level Ranged training.
    The cannon can be used in the Waterfall Dungeon.
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