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  • Many Problems with Tecno Phantom 9 All

    I bought a techno Pantom 9 the 20th of august and days after i remark that the charge is really slow it can take 7 hours if the battery is empty and it can not be detected by a computer with the usb cable. When i call the carlcare service in Dakar they say to brought the phone things i have done friday ,after checking it seems that they need to change the power charging port and give me appointment today monday when i went to the carl care service they say that they can not replace the charging port because they don't have the replacement piece in stock with a very disagreable woman i lost lot of time just to make repair my call bought few days ago it's unacceptable with a new phone . and just after that the screen broke when the call fell down less than 1meter . i think that the phantom 9 is not too good as the other phantom 8 . i was fan of tecno and bougt every phone since phantom 8 but i think i will go back to the other brand which i thin are more strong .

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    Very unfortunate. That's always Tecno for you, moreover in the recent times. Their ineptitude, impunity and lack of respect for customers complaints are unbearable. They don't care.<br />
    Under normal circumstances, they are supposed to replace the handset for you. Has the warranty on the device expired?. It's shameful that they don't even have a USB/charger port to repair a product they just released some few months ago.<br />
    Well, they are waiting for you to buy another handset.


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      He should return there and request for an exchange except there is more to the story.<br />
      <br />
      They won't say he should change the charging port if there is no damage to it which is not covered by the warranty.


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